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Rule 3. Accept What Is Done Is Done

While tinkering with the past, you might change the circumstances by which your parents met, derailing the key event that led to your birth. Such are the perils of retrocausality, the idea that the present can affect the past, and the future can affect the present. Strange as it sounds, retrocausality is perfectly permissible within the known laws of nature. It has been debated for decades, mostly in the realm of philosophy and quantum physics.

What's Done Is Done

Trouble is, nobody has done the experiment to show it happens in the real world, so the door remains wide open for a demonstration. It might even happen soon. Colleague 1 : I can't believe that I forgot to include that important section in the boss's presentation. It kept me up half the night last night. I am worried that I can never recover the boss's trust.

Act 3 Scene 2

Colleague 2 : What's done is done. There is nothing you can do to change the past.

what's done is done

All you can do is make sure it never happens again and hope the boss forgets your blunder. Friend 1 : I knew I should have been more careful. I rushed out of the house and forgot to lock the door and a burglar stole my new television. Friend 2 : What's done is done.

Macbeth is already feeling guilty for murdering King Duncan. We would also like to point out that Lady Macbeth eerily echoes this phrase in her final appearance in the play.

By Act 5, Lady Macbeth has been saying and doing some freaky things on her nightly strolls. She sleepwalks, continuously trying to wash the imaginary blood from her hands.

No Fear Shakespeare: Macbeth: Act 3 Scene 2

As she walks, she mutters, "what's done cannot be undone" 5. We're thinking this is about more than actual blood staining her hands.

Millencolin - Done is done

In fact, we think blood is a symbol for guilt in this play. Lady Macbeth has grown so ill that the doctor says there's nothing he can do to help her. It's not a physical sickness a doctor can treat. Her eerie confession to the murders shows she is not actually okay with them.

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