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The President and Chancellor also sit on the Time Lord High Council, akin to a legislative body, composed variously of Councillors and more senior Cardinals. Also on the High Council is the Castellan of the Chancellery Guard, in charge of the security of the Citadel, whom the Doctor has referred to as the leader of a trumped-up palace guard. According to the constitution, if while in emergency session the other members of the High Council are in unanimous agreement, even the President's orders can be overruled.

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The Moment was claimed by the Time Lords to be the most powerful weapon in the Universe and capable of destroying entire galaxies. The Moment is so powerful that the weapon's operating system became sentient, leading the Time Lords to wonder "How do you use a weapon when it can stand in judgement of you? In the 50th anniversary special " The Day of the Doctor ", the War Doctor breaks into the Omega Arsenal, steals the Moment and is about to destroy both Time Lords and Daleks alike to stop the Time War before the Moment engineers a meeting with his succeeding regenerations to convince him otherwise.

Another impressive example of Time Lord technology is the Eye of Harmony , a repurposed black hole singularity contained within the instrumentality below the Panopticon. This is the source of their power and the anchor of the Web of Time itself, created by Rassilon and the co-founders of Time Lord society in the distant past. Paradoxically, although the Time Lords are a scientifically and technologically advanced race, the civilisation is so old that key pieces of their technology have become shrouded in legend and myth.

Accordingly, until the Master rediscovers it, the Time Lords forgot that the location of the Eye of Harmony is beneath their capital. In the revived series, there were instances in which evil alien species have stolen Time Lord technology for their own purposes but such is its complexity that they are unable to operate it, as illustrated in " Doomsday " when the Genesis Ark was stolen by the Daleks and even they could not open it.

Furthermore, the Genesis Ark was just one Time Lord prison that held millions of Daleks, demonstrating "bigger on the inside than it is on the outside" Time Lord technology. The great defence system of Gallifrey is a quantum forcefield known as the Transduction Barrier, a perfect defence shield preventing all matter and energy, even TARDISes, from passing through without authorisation.

TARDISes are characterised not just by their ability to travel in time, but also their dimensionally transcendent nature. A TARDIS' interior spaces exist in a different dimension from its exterior, allowing it to appear to be bigger on the inside. Fitting their generally defensive nature, Time Lord weapons technology is rarely seen, other than the staser hand weapons used by the Guard within the Capitol. Stasers possibly a portmanteau of stunner and laser, as they are used to stun targets [ citation needed ] can be lethal energy weapons, specifically designed to prevent the unwanted regeneration of rogue Time Lords; staser beams also shatter the crystalline structure of non-organic targets.

In the serial Castrovalva , [68] the Master's TARDIS is equipped with an energy field that he uses to temporarily disable or stun several human security guards outside the vessel. One exception to the Time Lords' defensive weaponry is the de-mat gun or dematerialisation gun. The de-mat gun is a weapon of mass destruction that removes its target from space-time altogether, as seen in The Invasion of Time.

To make sure this knowledge is not abused, the only way to arm a de-mat gun is by means of the Great Key of Rassilon, whose location is only known to the Chancellor.

Sara Lorda: The Second Coming by Rene Ignacio

As a means of extreme sanction, the Time Lords have also been known to place whole planets into time-loops, isolating them from the universe in one repeating moment of time [ citation needed ] as well as hurling planets from one galaxy to another using a weapon referred only as a magnetron in The Trial of a Time Lord. In The End of Time , [31] [] Rassilon is shown wearing a gauntlet with several powers, primarily the ability to disintegrate a target and the ability to reverse changes made to the human race by the Master.

When Rassilon throws the white point star into the hologram of the Earth, the diamond is able to arrive at the planet by following the Master's signal, travelling through the time-locked war to the post-war universe. Gallifreyan paintings were unique in that they were in 3D, as they acted as snapshots of a single moment in time by use of stasis cubes. This meant that they could be used as rudimentary time travel, by freezing a person inside a painting and then letting them out at the required point in time. Details of the Time Lords' history within the show are sketchy and are fraught with supposition and contradiction.

The Time Lords became the masters of time travel when one of their number, the scientist Omega , created an energy source to power their experiments in time. Omega was thought killed in that explosion but unknown to everyone, had somehow survived in an anti-matter universe beyond the black hole's singularity. This perfectly balanced Eye of Harmony then served as the power source for their civilisation as well as their time machines.

At some point in their history the Time Lords interacted with the civilisation of the planet Minyos, giving them advanced technology including the ability to "regenerate" to a limited degree, by rejuvenating their bodies when they grow too old. This met with disastrous results, which is said by some to be the reason the Time Lords adopted a philosophy of "non-interference".

The Minyans destroyed themselves in a series of nuclear wars. In " Dalek " , the Ninth Doctor explains that his people perished along with the Dalek race in the " Last Great Time War ", leaving the Doctor the last of his race. The Master also disappears along with them.

Rassilon describes Time Lord history in this story as having lasted "a billion years" up until the end of the Time War. In " The Day of the Doctor " , thirteen incarnations of the Doctor are shown successfully attempting to freeze the Time Lords and their home world of Gallifrey in time, by transporting them to a "parallel pocket universe" using their TARDISes. Because the time streams are out of sync, the Doctor does not retain the memory of this until his eleventh incarnation. While the plan is being outlined, the War Doctor notes that to the rest of the universe, it only appears as if the Time Lords and Daleks had mutually destroyed each other, when in fact, the Daleks had fired upon themselves in the crossfire after Gallifrey vanished, ending in the destruction of most of their own race, but not the Time Lords.

She bluffs the Twelfth Doctor into thinking that Gallifrey has returned to its original co-ordinates, but when the Doctor goes looking, he finds nothing there.

He tells a young child to inform the Time Lords that he knows what they have done and that he has returned "the long way around". He then tells the Time Lords through his confession dial the hybrid they fear "is me". Rassilon is revealed to have been the one who had the Doctor teleported into the confession dial. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This article is about the species from Doctor Who.

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For other uses, see Time Lord disambiguation. Fictional alien species in the Doctor Who universe. Main article: Regeneration Doctor Who.

Main article: History of the Time Lords. It was followed by an animated webcast version from that stuck closely to Douglas Adams ' original script and was remounted to feature Paul McGann 's Eighth Doctor instead of Tom Baker 's Fourth Doctor. Doctor Who. BBC Worldwide. The Essential Doctor Who. Doctor Who Magazine. On more than one occasion, the First Doctor says as much himself.

They can't. But they can see better than we humans First of all, let's put from our minds the obvious fact that the Doctor comes from another world — that particular cat exits the bag before the end of Doctor Who ' s first episode. The War Games.

Case closed. Spearhead from Space. The Time Warrior. Series 3. Episode BBC One.

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Series 9. Episode 2. Episode 4. Series 1. Episode 6. Series 2. Episode 3. Mr Finch: And what of the Time Lords? I always thought of you as such a pompous race. Ancient, dusty senators, so frightened of change and chaos. And of course, they're all but extinct. Only you, the last. Episode 8. Episode 5. Episode 9. Tenth Doctor: If you are the Beast, then answer me this.

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Which one, hmm? There's more religions than there are planets in the sky. Which devil are you? The Beast: All of them. Tenth Doctor: What, then, you're the truth behind the myth? The Beast: This one knows me as I know him.

Sara Lorda: The Second Coming

The killer of his own kind. The Master: Do you remember all those fairy tales about the Toclafane when we were kids back home? Where is it, Doctor? Tenth Doctor: Gone. The Master: How can Gallifrey be gone? Tenth Doctor: It burnt.